1. What is the 5th Friday Slaton on the Square?
The 5th Friday Slaton on the Square is held from 6-9pm on the 5th Friday of every month that has 5 Fridays, rain or shine. Galleries, restaurants, museums and local businesses open their doors providing an enjoyable atmosphere for the public to mingle with merchants, artists, and vendors and ask questions before making their purchases.

2. When is the 5th Friday Slaton event?
The event is from 6-9pm on the 5thFriday of EVERY month that has 5 Fridays.

3. What businesses are official 5th Friday Slaton venues?
We have a list of businesses Click Here.

4. Where does the 5th Friday Slaton Event start?
There is no official “starting point” for 5th Friday Slaton. You may start your experience at any of our participating venues. You may download a list and map of this month’s 5th Friday Slaton here (List & Map Coming Soon).

5. How much does 5th Friday Slaton cost?
There are no entrance fees to any of the galleries, museums or businesses. The entire experience is completely free to the public.

6. How do I get my business listed as an official venue on the 5th Friday Slaton event?
If you are a food or craft vendor, and would like to participate in the Fifth Friday Slaton event or if you have any questions, Click Here.

If you are an artist, you can operate as a vendor or contact one of the art galleries on the Slaton Square.

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